Bao Chau Nguyen


Physiotherapist, B-boy



Bao Chau Nguyen is a trained physiotherapist with specialization courses in back training, lymph drainage and Bobath therapy for neurological and neuromuscular diseases. Since 2002 Bao Chau aka Chau-lin is a dancer representing Team Combo and Tru Cru on the international stage at the highest level.

Due to his intensive dance career Chau-lin had numerous injuries. Out of the desire to gain the knowledge to help himself and all other dancers, he became a physiotherapist. In 2017 Chau became part of the Urban Dance Health project. His goal is to educate dancers in health worldwide.



IB-Medical Acad., Baden-Baden

Bobath Therapist

MFZ, Ludwigsburg; DE


PT specializing in Dancers

Physio Zwei, Stuttgart; DE

Professional Dancer

Tru Cru, Stuttgart; DE