Jenso Portrait2Jens Nonnenmann, also known as “Jenso” or “Mercedes-Jenz”, started breaking in 2000 with the age of 9. In 2007 he founded the “Tru Cru“, which now consists of 15 members and is one of the most successful crews in Germany.

Since 2009 he is constantly teaching breaking classes in various dance academies, nowadays at the Juhrythmics dancing school in Stuttgart. After he finished school in 2010, he started focusing on Streetshow entertainment for making a living besides of his income with breaking classes and taking part at international competitions.

In these years he realized that it’s a tough way to pay bills only by dancing. The body often suffers damage if you don’t know how to take care of it. Many dancers even have to stop their careers due to injuries, especially if they are dancing on a professional level. That’s the reason why Jenso decided to become a physiotherapist. He finished his education in 2015 in Stuttgart and since then is part of the Urban Dance Health team. In 2017 he also absolved his additional educations in Myoreflextherapy and the Easyflossing method.

He is now working at the “Gesundheitswerkstatt” in Stuttgart, a clinic specialized on Myoreflextherapy, treating dancers, musicians and patients with chronic pain.