Jacob ‚Jacker‘ Wick started breaking at the age of twelve in 2001. In his early years Jacker developed a more powermove based style which changed when he discovered the beauty of footworks and the dance itself. At the moment he is mixing it all up, trying to play around on the floor and is having as much fun as possible.

I don’t want to make money out of it, so fun is the driving force. – Jacker

In 2004 Jacker got accepted into the „Unknown Artists“ crew which changed to „Smoking Aces“ a few years later. Due to different goals Jacker left the crew. Together with his former crew mate Frague, his at the time flatmate Sophiela and Mike Tike, organisator of the Circle Industry battle, they created the M.O.T. crew in 2010.

Over the years Jacker appeared on many stages and battle fields all around the world. One of his biggest accomplishments was winning first place together with Sophiela and bboy Loose Goose (New Jersey) in a 3on3 battle in New Jersey/USA.

With the age of 17, injuries started to come on a regular basis. Physiotherapy always helped, so Jacker decided to become a physiotherapist himself in order to always know what is best for his body to stay healthy.

In 2012 he attended the university of physiotherapy „FH Campus Wien“ in Vienna and graduated three years later. What started primary for self-serving reasons, has changed into a more altruistic motivation. For Jacker physiotherapy is far more than a job: it is his passion and a way where he can learn, grow and contribute to his friends and the whole Hip Hop dance culture.

Today Jacker is training regularly as a dancer and works as a physiotherapist in a practice in Vienna, Austria. Since 2017, he is part of the Urban Dance Health team.

Since 2017 Physiotherapist at Thera-well (Vienna; Austria)
2017 Certificate in visceral therapy (Mattsee; Austria)
2012-2015 Studies of physiotherapy FH Campus Wien

Graduating with „Bachelor of Science in Health Studies“ (Vienna; Austria)