Escobosa Y. Psychological aspects of dance: the passion, the stress-recovery balance and injury. Psychological predictors of injuries in breakdancers. (Only spanish version). Master thesis, University of Barcelona. 2013.

The aim of this study was to analyse the relationship between the type of passion, obsessive and harmonious, and two variables: the number of injuries and the stress-recovery balance. 19 Breakers (63% Bboys, 37% Bgirls) were analysed with the following instruments: The Passion Scale, the RESTQ-Sport questionnaire and the history of injuries were recorded.

Results showed no statistically significant correlation between the number of injuries neither any type of passion nor stress-recovery balance. A statistically significant correlation between harmonious passion and better overall-recovery (p<0.05) has been found. Specifically, harmonious passion relates to a high self-regulation factor (p<0.01).

Although, there was no correlation between the type of passion, stress-recovery balance and injuries, this study has shown that harmonious passion is associated with a greater number of hours of Breaking training, a high self-regulation and a full recovery.

Keywords: RESTQ-Sport, Passion Scale, Injuries, Bboying, Bboy, Bgirl, Recovery-Stress