Bao Chau Nguyen AKA „Chau-Lin“, originally from Vietnam, is breaking since 2002  and is representing „Tru Cru“ and „Team Combo“. Chau-Lin got connected with Hip Hop at a young age. When he was only 9 years old he started breaking on the streets of Rastatt, Germany.

In 2011 Chau finished his education as a state proofed and registered physiotherapist. At the same time he became a member of Tru Cru and joined the same crew as Urban Dance Health expert Jenso. Because of breaking related injuries, Chau needed to visit a physiotherapist many times. There he got the wish to get the knowledge to be able to help himself with his injuries. That’s the reason why Chau-Lin decided to become a physiotherapist.

After finishing his education of physiotherapy in 2011, he started to see Hip Hop from a different view. Health, medicine and body knowledge became a big importance and also passion in Chau-Lin´s life. Connecting his knowledge of Hip Hop and medicine gave him a lot of new influences and mind sets. In his opinion, being a „complete b-boy“ means not only being complete in movements. It is about understanding and learning every aspect of Hip Hop in life: working with hip hop through organizing events, projects, health check-ups and teaching health workshops for b-boys, b-girls and other urban dancers.

Chau-Lin became a more „complete b-boy“ through his physiotherapeutic know-how and in return with breaking a „complete physiotherapist“. His understanding for the body movements through movement analyses changed his practise in powermoves, freezes and footworks. Through many breaking related injuries, he experienced many different pain problems all over his body. With training, self-treatment and physiotherapy he always managed to come back to the floor and can compete at an international high level. This helps him treating other patients and having experience in the regeneration process himself. Another important influence for him is his work as an organizer and volunteer worker for the Hip Hop Culture Centre „Combo“ in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Since 2017 Chau is cooperating with Urban Dance Health and is part of the experts team. Being part of Urban Dance Health, his aim is to support the knowledge of urban dance medicine applied on b-boys, b-girls and other urban dancers. Many long-dancing b-boys stop their dancing career because of chronic pain. Chau wants to educate these dancers in how to handle and treat their pain problems as well as how to get back onto the floor again.

Now Chau is working at the physiotherapeutic clinic „Krankengymnastik Panske“ in Bietigheim, Germany and is specialized in orthopedic, chirurgic outpatients, high performance artists and dancers.


Since 2013 Physiotherapist at „Krankengymnastik Panske“ (Bietigheim, Germany)
2017 Certified therapist in Bobath therapy (Ludwigsburg, Germany)
2016 Certified trainer for back exercises (Karlsruhe, Germany)
2013 Certified therapist in lymphatic drainage „Földi Clinic“ (Freiburg, Germany)
2008-2011 Education in physiotherapy „IB Medical Academy“

Graduating with „State Proofed and Registered Physiotherapist“ (Baden-Baden, Germany)