Breakletics is a functional training that combines fitness with breaking. It is said that Breakletics trains strength, coordination, flexibility and body tension. The training is performed to HipHop, Funk or Breakbeats and the aim is to offer an exciting mixture of fitness and dancing. Breakletics does not have much in common with Breaking itself.

The most important thing behind Breakletics is the philosophy of Breaking that supports it. There are no difficult moves. It is more about the creativity of breaking and the music. In order to create the movements, for example, we took a move like the „six step“ and only incorporated 20 % of it and combined it with the plank. In the end, we created a „two step“, which is an actual move in Breaking.



The basic prerequisite for Breakletics is to be able to hold one plank and perform ten squats. The Breakletics exercises exist in different degrees of difficulty that build on each other. Therefore, there is an individual challenge for every fitness level. As the movements are very demanding, the repetitions can be regulated individually. In this way, people with the most varied fitness levels can train together.

The variation of level through adding difficult movements and more repetitions provides a long-term motivation and also gives a feedback about the personal fitness of each individual practitioner. Breakletics, as well as Breaking, can of course also be practiced as an extreme sport, since each individual decides on his or her limits.



The music serves not only as a motivation but also as a driving force. Similar as it is in Breaking and other urban dance styles, music is an integral part to get into the right flow while exercising and is increasing the fun factor.

The fitness exercises in Breakletics are developed accordingly to the music: mostly to 100 beats per minute, Old School Hip Hop, slightly electronical. Therefore, the exercises put certain coordinative demands and also challenge the rhythmical feeling.




Whoever practices Breakletics, does not become a breaker, but will definitely improve his or her personal fitness which is also positive for bboys and bgirls. You need a lot of power to get better in your sport. No matter if it is Breaking or another stop and go sport. Breakletics helps you to become a better all-rounded athlete. The focus is on the fitness aspect.

With Breakletics, however, it is important to maintain the philosophy of Breaking as well. It is also about developing oneself, working more and more on your skills and abilities. The founder, Petair, has the vision that people in the long run not only work out with the Breakletics training, but also create their own exercises. As it is in Breaking, Breakletics is all about originality, creativity and individual style.



Peter „Petair“ Sowinski, sports scientist and bboy since 1999, invented Breakletics through combining breaking steps with fitness exercises. Petair noticed that usual fitness programs always repeated the same movements: burpees, squats and push-ups.

In his opinion, especially there is not enough focus on coordination and flexibility. Many people build muscles in certain places but are not flexible. Only working on guided equipment in fitness studios neglects the overall game of the body.

Observing many other fitness programs, Petair was motivated to invent Breakletics, a different type of fitness concept. Beside improving mobility and coordination, Breakletics is also improving the rhythmical feeling. It trains the whole body. The ratio is about: 40 % upper body, 60 % core stability with focusing on the torso, legs and buttocks.



Breakletics can be learned through local partners, as well as online too. Until now there are personal trainers teaching Breakletics in Germany, Russia, Armenia, Egypt, Turkey and Japan. For further information, visit the homepage






Peter „Petair“ Sowinski is a sports scientist and a Bboy since 1999. He is the founder of Breakletics and a member of Flying Steps and Reckless Crew.