Urban Health Yoga is an integrated concept that was specifically developed for dancers, body artists and other enthusiasts of body movement.

It combines five important modules of well-being:

  • Breathing
  • Mobilisation
  • Balance & Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Calmness



Especially when only isolated muscle groups are trained for improved performance and one is under high pressure to perform at the same time, professional dancers are often lacking a bodily and mental balance. The consequence: the motivation drops and injuries occur more often. Just as a musician takes care of his instrument so that he can use it for a long time, the body of a professional dancer is dependent on care and supporting means for prevention in order to live a healthy and, above all, sustainable career free of pain.

For quite some time Yoga has said goodbye to the esoteric side and has become a great alternative to an increase of bodily and at the same time of mental fitness for many bodily active people. Urban Health Yoga is dynamically and athletically demanding without being overstraining. Different from other styles of Yoga, one moves without standing still and one intensively exercises strength, power of endurance and body tension.



In Urban Health Yoga, the participants train conscious breathing on the healthy and easy to learn stomach respiration. Dynamic and static body exercises are combined with techniques of relaxation. Both body halves are coordinated by balance exercises – and thus both brain halves too. The whole muscle apparatus is strengthened and optimized by a specific stretching of the muscles. Typical, one-sided exercise methods are avoided from the beginning or are balanced off. Not actively strained muscles, for example shoulders, back or legs, are practiced and developed. This unique combination of continual and intensive body work leads to an increase of performance, vitalization, stress reduction, better self-confidence and mental balance. A relaxation exercise, that is done while lying down, and a meditation, that trains the participants concentration on their own potentials and goals, finish off this process.



Urban Health Yoga is an effective way to reach a physical and mental balance, to strengthen the ability of resistance against unwanted influences and to master the challenges of modern day life with bravura. For dancer, artist or just motion enthusiast – Urban Health Yoga is perfectly suited in order to get going and to keep it up.


„By practicing Yoga you can overcome all difficulties. By practicing Yoga pain can be changed into bliss, sorrow into joy and failure into success. Therefore, practice Yoga always and carefully. A big power source is inside you that enables you to reach the top.“ – Swami Sivananda


Here you can explore the Urban Health Yoga videos (only in German).







Sezai Coban has been an enthusiastic dancer since 1996 and knows from his own experience how important the own body and physical health are for any dancer or artist. He combines these experiences with his knowledge as a professional holistic movement therapist and makes these proved therapeutic methods flow into his self-developed program.

The History behind Urban Health Yoga (UHY):

The basic idea for Urban Health Yoga was developed in 2013 in the training week of Breakanatomy in Salzburg, Austria. Sezai started to instruct some yoga exercises to a small group of urban dancers in the hotel lobby. At the same time an international contemporary dance meeting took place in Salzburg. So many other dancers were happily joining the group. The Yoga session became an evening ritual from which Sezai then developed and elaborated the basic concept for UHY.

Thanks to the Step2Diz-Academy in Munich, Sezai had the opportunity for several workshops in which he taught different methods for the sustainable handling of the dancer’s own body and breathing techniques from yoga. Further workshops and individual coachings in Germany, Austria and Switzerland followed. Today he sees more and more dancers in the urban scene who use various yoga exercises before and after their training sessions. For more information: Urban Health Yoga Blog.

It is a great pleasure for me to see how our urban culture is moving into a more connected way with their own body! -Sezai Coban