ICE Vs Heat BLOG1It happened to everybody: you have injured yourself! Studies and experience on applying heat or ice on an acute injury is still under intense research.

Read more about applying HEAT or ICE after an injury!


Most literature says different things about applying heat or ice when having an injury.

In my opinion it’s good to apply cold for about 15-20 minutes (put a cold bag, ice cubes, cold wet towel …) on the swollen area in the first phase. The cold produces a contraction of the blood vessels and so less blood is leaving. Don’t put it on the skin directly; put a piece of cloth between the skin and the ice to avoid skin burning.

TIP: If you don’t have a cold bag or ice cubes at home, take a wet towel and put it into your freezer. After 15 minutes it’ll get stiff and you can apply it perfectly.