The workshops are interactive workshop designed to educate B-Boys, B-Girls, Hip Hop dancers and other urban dance styles urban dancers on the fundamentals of dance medicine, high performance training and specific knowledge on injury prevention.

The focus is set on training structure, physical fitness and self-help therapy. A multiplicity of exercises about resistance and stabilization training, as well as stretching and self-treatment techniques will be taught.

The information is based on the latest research from dance and sport science. This gives the urban dancer a long, injury-free dance career on a professional level. This has never happened before!




How to warm up, train your stability, strength, stamina and cool down safely and effectively? An structured training plan for a effective breaking training will be given.


How can you treat yourself when you are having some typical injuries of bboys, bgirls and hip hop dancers? Preventive exercises for common dance injuries, self-help techniques and the application of self-help treatment tools will be taught. Material is brought along so that the participants themselves learn to handle themselves from head to toe.


How do I stretch out as a bboy, bgirl or hip hop dancer? Sound knowledge of effective stretching, especially for the urban dancer, is show.



The following workshops have taken place:

2017 Urban Dance Health: How to Train, How to Treat your body Red Bull BC One Austria Cypher Vienna, Austria
2016 Urban Dance Health: Self-therapy for Bboys Kapayapaan SAS-Crew Manila, Philippines
2016 Urban Dance Health: Dance-Medical Knowledge about Breaking 13th Tamed Dance Medicine Congress Dresden, Germany
2016 Urban Dance Health: How to Train, How to Treat your body Red Bull BC One Austria Cypher Vienna, Austria
2015 Urban Dance Health: Urban Anatomy Beyond Ballet Dance Medicine Congress Arnhem, The Netherlands
2014 Health & Injury Prevention The Notorious IBE Heerlen, The Netherlands
2014 Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation Red Bull Next Level Training Camp BĆ¼tgenbach, Germany
2014 Urban Styles: InterAktion Tamed Special Congress Cologne, Germany
2014 The Urban Health Raw Circles Event Antwerpen, Belgium