At Breaking and Hip Hop events urban dancers can obtain physiotherapeutic health care. The Urban Dance Health team provides health-based assessment, advice and treatment for the competition participants. The urban dancers are treated individually depending on their symptoms and causes. To have a long term effect on the dancer’s health, he or she receives a selection of exercises for his or her rehabilitation process. Preventive exercises for common dance injuries and self-help techniques will be taught. In case of emergency also primary care can be provided and a prognosis for a further participation in the competition can be given.



If you are injured or want to prevent getting injured, physiotherapeutic treatment can be provided. Through anamnesis and physical testing problem making muscles are identified and through a breaking-specific movement analyse the injury-proned movement pattern will be discovered. After been treaten and prepared with some individual execises for self-treatment and rehabilitation/prevention, a long fulfilling dance career with low risks of injuries and a higher performance should be given.

The following physiotherapeutic treatments are offered:

·         Movement analysis

·         Special conditioning for dancers

·         Sports physiotherapy

·         Manual therapy

·         Preventive exercises

·         Self-help therapy

·         Triggerpoint therapy

·         Myofascial techniques

·         Massage

·         Lymphatic drainage

·         Kinesio-taping



So far the following physiotherapy treatments have taken place:

2017 Physiotherapeutic Treatment before the show with Flying Steps Flying Illusion Show Stuttgart, Germany
2017 Health Check-Up and B-Boy Treatment for the Top 16 B-Boys Red Bull BC One Austria Cypher Vienna, Austria
2017 Health Check-Up Circle Industry Battle Salzburg, Austria
2016 Health Check-Up and B-Boy Treatment for the Top 16 B-Boys Red Bull BC One Austria Cypher Vienna, Austria
2014 B-Boy Treatment Eurobattle Spain Barcelona, Spain
2013 B-Boy Treatment Rock It Battle Zaragoza, Spain
2012 B-Boy Treatment Circle Industry Battle Salzburg, Austria