Alberto A. Clinical trial for non-specific pain and functionality for wrist joints in breakdancing. (Only spanish version). Master thesis, University of Barcelona. 2013.


Feeling pain on the wrists is something common in break dancers (b-boys) who realise dance moves laying their hands on the ground. This is due to the fact that lots of these actions are realised using the palm or the back of the hand as a support to accomplish a dance move in contact with the floor or without contacting with it, loading their whole or partial body weight on both, only on one of them, or even alternating both hand. Once you know break dance it’s easy to imagine that it can carry loads of injuries or lesions which happen often on the wrists. Being this one the main common multiple of a well-known b-boy crew, 4 participants were chosen to take part in this study where the would have a functional bandage and manual therapy based treatment during two weeks to prove that it will improve general pain, safety and comfort in their wrists.