In cooperation with the CIT research team, the Universities of Tübingen, Memphis and Palma de Mallorca, the Urban Dance Health team has conducted two scientific, randomized, controlled, clinical studies with 141 bboys.

A self-help therapy method with a myofascia manipulation tool was explored. The quadriceps muscle and the iliotibial band were treated by the bboys for 8 minutes. Signifi cant changes pre to post showed a reduction of stiffness, increase of elasticity, an increase in peripheral blood circulation, a pain de-sensibilization in the treated tissue and a range of movement increase in the quadriceps muscle and the hamstrings.

In September 2015 this study was presented at the International Fascia Research Congress in Washington DC and it received the 3rd prize for best poster presentation.

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Here are the full abstracts:

Oral lectures an poster presentations have taken place:

2016 13th Tamed Dance Medicine Congress Dresden, Germany
2015 4th International Fascia Research Congress Washington, USA



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Gordon CM, Lindner SM, Birbaumer N, Montoya P, Andrasik F. Correlation between Hydration and Fascia Stiffness during a Self-help Treatment with a Myofascial Manipulation Tool. A Bioimpedance Controlled, Clinical Trial. Fascia Research IV, Washington DC, 5/2015, 93. / Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, 4/19/2015, 668.