Jenso Portrait2Jens Nonnenmann, also known as “Jenso” or “Mercedes-Jenz”, started dancing early at the age of nine. He came in contact with the local breakdance scene of Stuttgart in the year 2000 through his older brother Markus Nonnenmann aka “Faccia”, who was the founder of the “Breakaholix Crew” from Southern Germany. Today “Faccia” is also working as a physiotherapist.

As Jenso grew up he was always surrounded by Bboys and therefore soon learned about the values of Hip-Hop Culture. The crews “Rockin Attack” and “711” from Stuttgart were huge inspirations to him and surely influenced his
way of dancing until now.

In 2007 he founded the “Tru Cru“,
which now
consists of 15 members from Southern Germany and Switzerland. Thecrew has established a name for themselves in the international dancing scene through numerous competitions, theatres, workshops and the organisation of international breaking events.

Since 2009 he is constantly teaching breaking classes in various dance academies. After he finished school in 2010, he got to know the “Streetlife Supreme” crew in Vienna/Austria (consisting of “Suicidal Lifestyle” and “Elementary Force” from Hungary) and continued doing a lot of streetshow entertainment in his hometown Stuttgart and several other cities around Europe until now.

Throughout the years he recognized, that the majority of bboys has injuries that woulJenso Breaken01d affect their way of dancing significantly. Doctors hardly take their problems
seriously, because breaking is still in the process of becoming an established art or even a respected job in society, so most of the dancers are just told to stop dancing altogether.

That’s the reason why Jenso decided to become a physiotherapist, so he started his education in 2012 at the “VPT-Akademie” in Stuttgart and successfully finished it in 2015. In 2014, he met Sophie Manuela Lindner and since then has cooperated with her together with Urban Dance Health.

He is now working at the “Gesundheitswerkstatt” in Stuttgart, a clinic specialized on patients with chronic pain, musicians and dancers.