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Sophie Manuela ‚Sophiela‘ Lindner is a sports physiotherapist and Bgirl. Since 2007 she is  active in the Breaking scene. With her bgirl crew Skill Sisters she represented Germany at the international Bgirl Battle at Battle of the Year 2015.

In order to share dance-medical knowledge to urban dancers, Sophie established ‚Urban Dance Health‘ in 2012. As a physiotherapist specializing on dancers, Sophie regularly gives Health Workshops, Health Check-Ups and Health care for professional urban dancers, including the Red Bull BC One All Stars and the Red Bull Flying Illusion Company.

Today she is working as a physiotherapist at the Haid Gesundheitswerkstatt, a clinic specialized on myoreflextherapy, dancers, musicians and chronic pain outpatients, and as an associate researcher at the CIT Research Institute in Stuttgart.

Get Sophie’s full CV here.